Why Invest With Us?

Our disciplined, opportunistic managers uncover under-the-radar and misunderstood businesses selling at significant discounts to intrinsic value, providing the downside protection essential to meeting long-term investment goals. Learn more about our investment services below.

We tailor portfolios of small value-oriented managers to meet clients’ specific needs regarding investment approach, geographical focus, asset-class concentration, etc. We advise clients on both discretionary and non-discretionary bases.

We advise clients on existing portfolios, examining manager strategy mix, market-cap and geographical exposures, liquidity profiles, etc. In this capacity, we conduct manager due diligence, provide recommendations on current and prospective investments, and conduct ongoing performance oversight.

We run joint-venture partnerships, each sub-advised by its own dedicated niche manager. These funds are available to clients for dedicated investments or for inclusion in portfolios. In addition to our managers’ investment expertise, these funds provide clients with our additional oversight and insights with no additional layer of advisory and performance fees.

We manage two co-mingled, multi-manager funds investing in small value managers. One invests globally through a mix of single-market, regional, and global value managers. Our other multi-manager fund invests in single-market and regional managers located and investing solely in Asia.

Through our ongoing conversations with managers we sometimes come across exceptional opportunities that may make compelling direct co-investments for our clients. Such investments can be structured as SPVs or SMAs under advisory agreements in partnership with our managers.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about any of our investment offerings.

Invest With Us